Welcome to HebrithCo - Age of Stages

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HebrithCo is a custom Conquer Online Private Server with many different features!

HebrithCo is based on a C# source, thanks to the Elitepvpers community.
I have been working on this for over an year trying to improve the player experience and improve server stability.
The map handling, monsters attacking, item dropping, was seriously enchanted lately and I will be updating and improving more.

– Maximum Level 255
– Maximum Compose 22
– Items max level 140
– Costume Interface
– Reset System, class changing with additional points!
– Medium Drop
– Stages
– Pets
– 4 Main Classes
– HebrithBoss Event
– Victoria Event
– BirdsRoad Event
– TreasureBox Event

General features:
– Auto Skill System (Skills are given automatically while leveling)
– New Ranking System (No more nobility ranking and ranking is based on levels and resets)
– No Promotions
– FarmingPoints (FPs) instead of Gold.
– HebrithPoints (HPs) instead of CPs.

HebrithCo started in 2010!

I hope to see you and I will try to help a little, if not me then our players!

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